Celebrating Christmas with kids!

Christmas for kids is one of the most special times of the year, and we know it! We have hundreds of Christmas activities for kids at passion of Christ ministries. We celebrates Christmas in the activities in among the Sunday school children like plays, making art, skits, making Christmas cards, cakes , etc. And passion of Christ always giving the time to Sunday school children to taking part in these activities and enjoy the Christmas with joyful hands because our beloved jesus christ loves the children and He is also born on that date 25th December 2000 years ago. In this month children taking part in games and learn verses and stories and remind them in their minds and passion of christ ministry’s teachers helping them in this effort for learning more and more knowledge about christ and we helps them with deferent kinds of gift as every child expecting it . please join us your hands for these kids to increase the Sunday schools projects in our country among the Christian and other children who are as well non-believers because we have a bidding to reach to those children as well who don’t have any cause in their lives and have not any one who can teach and study them .
JOHN 10:11 “I the good Shepherd, The good Shepherd lays do Win his life for the sheep.”