Helping widows!

This ministry “passion of christ ministries Pakistan” is also concentrating on widows in our country, we have visited almost six areas and there we have seen percentage of widows is 25 % and we always visited their houses and there we see most of the times they don’t have anything to eat because of the poverty and they can’t help themselves because they don’t have any education. They don’t have any job, most of widows have two or three children and at one time in a day they have taken food but second time they don’t have anything for feeding themselves.
God gave us the chance to help these widows because passion of Christ ministries having the bidding and soft heart for these women in our country, sometime they doing the job in the other houses for their living and they only get the money from their as a pay 1000 or 1500 hundred Pakistani rupees in per month, this money is not enough for their families,
Please join your hands with us and pray and help these widows.