Sunday school ministries!

Passion of Christ ministry is specially chosen by for this project of children. Our vision and bidding for this Sunday school is very high , to find the towns or areas and visiting door to door to find the children for Sunday school bible study . This ministry is concentrating in two areas (Daud Nagar & 224 Town) and by His grace in Daud Nagar we have 54 children in strength and in 224 town as we have in this New Year and right now strength is increasing among in this town. We are concentrating to teach them about Jesus Christ, about old and New Testament prophets and new songs, verses in Urdu and English and these things change in every week. We use deferent helping aids like charts, cards, papers and children story books for them. And as well we use drawing books for them to know about Jesus. And every week we gave them juices, cookies, candies and some more refreshment for their activities and every end of the month there will be a written and oral test of Sunday school children because our ministry wants to know that how much children learn in one month.
We thank God that day by day He is increasing the growth of the children in learning the knowledge of bible. As our big mission to work among children and we are working on it to increase our Sunday schools in our city and after that in our country that whatever and whenever Holy Spirit lead us. MATTHEW 19:14 “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these”.
Please join us and join your hands with us in prayers and to helping these children.