Women and girls ministry!

Passion of Christ ministry working in uneducated women and girls, to teach them the word of God for betterment for their lives in getting more and more knowledge for their families. Since 2008 passion of Christ ministry visiting in the deferent areas to find those women and girls to passionately proclaim the word of Almighty. Our ambitious and bidding for these women and girls to walk straight to exaltation.Passion of Christ ministry to affect authority while in servitude. Back ground of these women and girls is very hard to learn about our Jesus Christ, they didn’t have any awareness because of the poverty and the business in their homes activity. By through this ministry these women and girls getting instigation about our Lord. 1. TIMOTHY 2:4 “Who wants all men to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.” Please join your hands with us for our mission of God in your prayers.