About the Ministry.

Find out more about Life in The Passion of  Christ Ministry by reading on how it all began, our destination, what we stand for and areas where we are physically present by reading links to our history, our vision, statement of faith and our churches above. 

Our Vision.

The objective of this Christian organization shall be to assist the body of Christ in general and fulfill the commission of Jesus Christ; namely to go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16: 16) particularly to promote the advancement and propagation of life in Jesus Christ to every creature throughout The World. 
To Establish Local Churches, organized upon a sound scriptural basis, Sunday Schools and Bible training institutions for the training of potential Ministers and Christian Workers .
As a church should be subject to higher Powers (National Governments) which have been ordained of God (Rom 13: 1) and to the existing governmental Policy in the country in which the Church is established.

Statement of Faith

Help us feed poor and hungry children in Pakistan.
We preach Jesus Christs virgin birth, baptism, teachings, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, second coming, millennial reign; White Throne, judgment, and heaven and new earth when He puts all His enemies under His feet and the redeemed reign with Him for eternity. 

 A.            Tenets of Faith.
We believe the divine inspiration of the Bible and endorse all teachings contained therein. The following is a summary of the basic tenets of our faith.

 1.  One True God -God has revealed himself as the eternally self-existent, the Creator of all things and
Redeemer of mankind. He is infinitely perfect and Manifested as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 43: 11,Luke 3:33).

 2.  Divine Trinity which Consist of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit perfectly united as one.
  Matthew 3: 16,17, I John 5:7

 3.  Repentance is making an inward decision or change of mind resulting in an outward action of turning from sin to God and righteousness. Acts 20:21 calls it repentance towards God.

 4.  Justification- When you repent from sin and make a decision to turn from sinful ways, this establishes a right relationship with God. This right relationship before God is called justification. Rom 6: 16-18, Rom 5: 1, 2.

 5.   Salvation -The act of God's grace whereby we receive forgiveness for sins. 2 Cor 5: 17.

 6. Sanctification/ Holiness. The acts of God's grace whereby we are made holy. John 17:15 - 21,Hebrew 13: 12; I Cor 6: 11

 7.  The Deity of Jesus Christ - the Lord Jesus Christ is eternal son of God and shares the Deity of God.  He  is also truly man conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, died on the cross as the sacrifice for sin, rose from the dead, ascended into Heaven, and is now at the right hand of the Father as our High Priest and Advocate. Matt 1:23, Rom 10:9, Phil 2:6.

 8. Baptism in the Holy Spirit - The holy Spirit is the endowment of power from on High upon a clean sanctified life and is evidenced by speaking in tongues as the spirit gives utterance. John 14: 16, 17;Act 1: 5-8; Acts 2:1-4.

 9. Divine Healing is provided through atonement. James 5:14-16, 1 Peter 2: 24 Matthew 8:16-17.

 B. Sacraments Of The Church .  

10.Baptism in Water -All who believe in Jesus Christ are commanded to be immersed in water, as a declaration they have identified with the death of Christ and have been raised with Him in the newness of life Mark 16: 16; Rom 6:3-4. Act 10: 27 -28.

11.  The Lord Supper -Communion is a symbolic expression of our sharing the divine nature of the Lord Jesus Christ. It also prophecy his second coming 1 Corinthians 11:23 -31; Luke 22:16 -20.  

12.  The Church - The Body of Christ, Christ's Church, made up of born again believers, God's habitation through the Holy Spirit. When believers are born of the Spirit, they are united together as the Body of Christ and appointed to fulfill the Great Commission. Jesus Christ is both Lord and Head of 
Church Eph 1:22-23.

13.  The second coming of Jesus will be just as literal and visible as his going away Act 1: 9-11. There will be two appearances. First to catch (take) away the bride, His Church. Matt 24:40-44, 1 Thess 4:15-17. Second to execute judgment upon the ungodly. 2 Thess 1:7-10, Jude 14: 15.


  13.1. Resurrection- if there is no resurrection our preaching is in vain. 1 Cor 15: 1-21. There are two resurrections, the resurrection of the just and the unjust.

  13.2. Resurrection of the Just at Christ's Second Coming. -The dead in Christ will rise first then the living just will be changed in a twinkling of an eye and catch up with Christ in the Clouds. 1 Thess 4: 13-18.

  13.3.   Marriage Supper. The resurrected saints will celebrate the marriage supper.

 13.4.   Tribulation- Will occur between Christ's coming for His bride and His return in judgment.Isaiah 26:20-21, Rev 9 and 16.

  13.5. Christ Millennial Reign- literally will be 1000 years of a peaceful reign by Jesus on earth.Isaiah 11 & 35.

 14. The Great Throne of Judgment is final judgment when all wicked dead will stand before God at the resurrection of the unjust. Rev 20: 11-15.

  15.   The New Heaven & New Earth will replace the -present heaven and earth which will be destroyed after Great White Throne Judgment 2 Peter 3: 13; Rev 21: 1-3

  16.  Eternal Heaven and Eternal Earth are literally final places of destiny each as eternal as the other.Math 25:41-46, Luke 16: 22-28.

  17. Marriage a holy institution that is binding before God giving neither partner right to remarry again as long as the first companion lives Mark 10: 6-12. Rom 7: 1-3. So we believe in monogamy. 1 Cor 7: 1-10. Math 19: 3-11.

  18. Restitution -is subsequent to salvation wherein wrongs against outflow are righted in order to have a clear conscience before God and man Ez 33: 15. Math 5:23, 24.

C.               New Testament Authority

Christ is the head of the Church Eph 1:20-23. God gave authority to Jesus because He submitted to Him. Jesus completely subjected Himself to His Father. Phil 2:5-8. In His ministry on earth He gave the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit uses instruments that Christ gave also. Eph 4: 11. Five ascension gifts and helpers. The chain of authority is as follows.

We partake of Jesus' power as we are properly submitted to Christ our Head. To submit to the Headship of Christ means a life of complete obedience to His commandments John 14: 15. If a person desires to be submissive to the Holy Spirit, he must submit to channels of authority given by God in order for God's purpose to be fulfilled.

 D.          The Five Fold Ministry, Elders & Deacons

  (a) Apostles. Literally means one who is sent. Luke 22: 14; Acts 14: 14; 2 Cor 8:23; 1 Thess I: 1. The ministry of the apostle is that of laying the foundation of the churches Eph 2:20. In doing this they are involved in establishing new assemblies 1 Cor 9: 1-2 and working with assemblies that are already established but need further grounding.

  (b)  The Prophets. They have a two fold ministry of foretelling and forth telling. That is, they foretell the future as God reveals it by His Spirit or they speak a word from God. The ministry of the prophet is coupled with the ministry of the Apostle and they are seen working together in foundational Ministry Eph 2:20.

  (c)   The evangelist means a pro claimer of good news. The work of an evangelist is breaking new ground with the gospel with a message of salvation accompanied by healing and signs. He is involved in public evangelism Act 8:11-13 and in personal evangelism Act 8: 26-40. He is obedient to the Holy Spirit and is not self sufficient.

  (d) Pastors in Greek are the same as shepherds. The pastor is given to rule over a local Church as a shepherd of God's local flock. Jesus was a good shepherd hence the true pattern for all shepherds.John 10: 11.

  1.                           A true shepherd will feed the sheep 1 Peter 5:2.
  2.                          Be a guide, lead and govern the sheep 1 Peter 5:2.
  3.                           Love souls of the sheep Heb 13:17.
  4.                          Care for the sheep John 10:13.
  5.                          Be willing to defend the sheep it times of trouble Jn 10:12

  (e). Teacher is essential to the perfecting of the saints. The leading ministry is that which builds and edifice on the foundation laid by the Apostle and Prophets. It is the leader that is to give the saints deep roots. Is 30:20; Math 7:29.

Elder means senior or elderly or Bishop. The word is used specifically descriptive of a man and not an office. His duty is to take oversight in the spiritual area of the Church. So he must be ordained 1 Tim 3: 4. His main work and life are to center on the word of God. These are men who have been set apart for live gospel. Rom. 1: 1. They are to make full proof of their ministry 2 Tim 3: 5. The elders of the church are its pastors. The work of an elder is to pastor.

Deacon derived from Greek word which means minister or servant. His office is seen in Acts 6. His work is administering physical affairs of the church, that is serving tables, sharing food to the widows and the poor.

Our History.

Evangelist Qaiser Ijaz  , the founding preacher of The Passion of Christ Ministry, has Preached for over 2 or 3 years in Pakistan . Early 2006, The Lord spoke to him to start a Ministry under the name The Passion of Christ Ministry. 
The call was fulfilled on the 7th of May 2006 in Pakistan when the Ministry was born. It has since grown to a membership of over ten  thousand Christian soldiers and has spread to most major towns in Pakistan under him .